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In this enclosed society, where every sorcerer strives for power there are times, when a leader must be chosen. Surely the leader must be the strongest! We call the candidates Liches and you are one of them.

Liches is a two-player turn-based hot-seat card game. A player is located on each side of the screen along with his main resources: Health, Attack, Defence and Mana. There is a game library to see, which effects a certain card offers, but all the cards are available from the start. However you're not able to create decks, instead, the game generates them randomly from all the cards for each player. A deck has 20 cards. At the beginning of a turn 4 cards are drawn from a player's deck into the batlefield, he can play any cards, as long as he has the mana. Mana is increased by 1 at the beginning of your turn to a maximum of 10. The cards change your basic resources in some way. After a 30-second turn players deal damage to each-other, depending on their ATK and DEF values. If a player's HP drops to 0 or if he has no cards left (both in the deck or on board), he loses the game.

The game features:

- 34 tokens of different rarity and with various effects;

- 2 player hot-seat;

- Library to admire your collection;

- Stats tracker to see your win rate.

I've started the project to see, what I can do with a simple concept. It never intended to be big, but I want to make a good quality game nonetheless. The game is being developed in Game Maker Studio since the end of December 2015 and is in its release-stage. You can download a playable version as of January 27, 2016. Bear in mind you might encounter some bugs during the playthrough. I would greatly appreciate if you'd send me feedback on the bugs here on itch.io or on one of the following sites:

Attention! The game has been updated with some control tips. It's simple, basically: press LMB for any action and scroll the middle button to switch through menus and options/go through library and tutorial pages.

Before actually playing the game, I recommend reading through the short Tutorial, which can be found in the main menu.
Release date Feb 01, 2016
GenreStrategy, Card Game
Tagsccg, Pixel Art, random, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

It's a standard Game Maker installer, run it and it'll guide you through the process.


Liches (stable build 0201) 35 MB


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this is a great game and the music is awesome

Thank you! :)

Linux version when good sir


Unfortunately, any modules for GM:S cost more $ than I have views on this game, so I wouldn't expect builds for other operating systems any time soon :(

I did update the release version though with some minor improvements.